PdV on Location!
catering setup
Pizza della Volpe’s catering setup, on location at Thompson’s Point, Charlotte, VT.

Pizza della Volpe is available for small-to-medium scale catering or as an addition to your event’s menu  between mid-May and mid- September  2017. Whether it’s a party or an after-party, Pizza della Volpe can take care of your craving for amazing pizza. We’ll keep on making pizza until everybody’s full. And then make a few more to snack on later.

Use the handy contact form to get in touch with us, and find out how Pizza della Volpe can help make your event tasty and fun!

Wedding Rehearsal Dinners
rehearsal dinner
Wedding rehearsal dinner

Let Pizza della Volpe help make the night before your big day fun and easy! We know that getting ready for a wedding can be stressful and complicated, so making sure everybody gets to relax and enjoy themselves after rehearsal is something we are very good at! We’ll work with you to get everything right, roll in with our set up, feed everybody, then clean up and roll out so you can relax and be ready for your wedding.

Neighborhood Parties
Neighborhood party
Neighborhood party

When it’s time to get the neighbors together, pizza is an excellent supplement to the usual pot-luck fare. Call in Pizza della Volpe, and we’ll bring the rig with all the makings for our famous wood-fired pizza at regular catering rates.

All Sorts of Events
Oven #3 at the end of the rainbow.

Whatever your gathering, Pizza della Volpe can help make it fun. With one small trailer and a 10’X10′ tent, it doesn’t require a lot of space to offer an outstanding menu that has something for everybody! For gatherings of 20 to 100 participants, Pizza della Volpe’s “Hand Crafted • Wood Fired • On Location” pizza is a great choice for your next event.


Use the handy contact form to reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to discuss your pizza needs and how Pizza della Volpe can be there for you. Wondering about our availability? Check the PdV calendar to find out!

What others have said:

KillingtonJeffrey – Please excuse the delay in officially thanking you so very much for the wonderful, fun, delicious pizza extravaganza the night before our wedding. We all had a GREAT time and no one could get over how tasty the pizza was. Your family was so wonderful to have around – what greats kids you have!
Friends of ours at the wedding came directly from traveling through Europe all summer, Italy, etc., and they said the best food they had all summer was in Vermont, including at the wonderful pizza!
Please let me know if you have a yelp page or anyplace we can post a big recommendation for your uniquely wonderful services. (We) look forward to our next trip to Vermont, and hope to see you again then.
All the best,
A******* and P****

Charlotte Corporate Team Dinner

pdv_stuck1Hi, Jeffrey –
I have been remiss in not emailing you earlier to say that everyone loved the pizzas; what a treat to just stand there and have delicious varieties of pizza come to you! Many thanks for making the evening a special one for everyone.

Annual Family Party

Hi Jeffrey!
… I received rave reviews of your pizza after last year…and if people can enjoy it that much in the face of a near-tornado, that is saying somethin’!